MARCONICS - The Human Upgrade

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Who are you and what is Marconics?

​Hear Alison David Bird C.Ht, and Lisa Wilson talk to Dr Karen Kan, about Marconics - the Evolution of Energy Healing; a wave of higher dimensional healing frequencies, carrying the Ascension Frequency of 144,000, eminating from the Cosmos and washing over the planet to prepare us for intense experiences in the Higher Dimensions. 
     Even Healers need to attune their bodies to receive and assimilate this broadband frequency.

"DNA Template & Kundalini Activations do not occur via ‘wishful thinking’, or ‘hopeful spiritual intention’ – they are a process of natural Bio-Spiritual Creation Physics, which occur via educated, conscious direction of energy and genuine spiritual wisdom. There is a natural Divine Right Order of Energy Mechanics that governs the manifestation of consciousness in biological form; the mechanics of this order must be understood and appropriately applied if one expects to attain genuine, essential, Bio-Spiritual Mastery."  Voyagers 11

Marconics Energy activates the templates of those at the leading edge of this First Wave of Ascension.

As the Ascension progresses, and through the delivery of Marconics via three levels of protocol for recalibration of the multidimensional holographic body, we are forming a geometric-structure for the progressive integration of higher aspects of Soul Identity, essential for the process of Ascension.

Marconics anchors the Oversoul in the 8th Dimension and brings it progressively down into merger with the Fifth Dimensional Archetypal Mind and the Emotional Mind in the 2nd Dimension, realigning the Axis of the remaining 12 Dimensions in a Recalibration of the human body to exist in - and perceive life in - higher dimensions as the planet is brought into line with the Center of the Milky Way Galaxy. 

The ‘I AM’ Merge – or, the integration of our Avatar Identity is the true meaning of Christ Consciousness.

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