MARCONICS - The Human Upgrade

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What is Marconic Recalibration? 
Why do I need it?

Marconics is the Evolution of Energy Healing; a wave of higher dimensional healing frequencies, carrying the Ascension Frequency of 144,000, eminating from the Cosmos and washing over the planet to prepare us for intense experiences in the Higher Dimensions. 

Even Healers need to attune their bodies to receive and assimilate this broadband frequency.

Marconic Recalibration is required to:
  • Uncap the 'Trumpet' Chakras 
  • Connect Axiatonal Lines to the new Crystalline Grid System
  • Help drop Density/Develop 'Lightbody'
  • Activate 12 Strand DNA
  • Stimulate Light Encoded Filaments (bringing information)
  • Increase production of Adamantine Particles (Crystalline Cells)
  • Stimulate the Pineal Hyper-Dimensional Gateway (Multidimensionalism)

In early Egyptian times, the human energy field was a 30ft sphere and the Chakras were also spherical. When we chose the 3-Dimensional experience, in a realm of duality and relativity, we had to be disconnected from ALL THAT IS - separated from the higher realms and other dimensions.  We wanted to experience density and linear time. Our Chakras were 'nipped' near the spine to create cone-shaped or, 'trumpet' Chakras, and our energy fields drew in closer to the body, in an egg shape
Instead of our 36 senses, we were limited to only 5.
     For this new paradigm it is necessary to  begin to return to our true multidimensional and fully integrated selves by Reconnecting to the newly formed Crystalline Grid (a third electromagnetic field around the planet).  The Earth is once again receiving Cosmic and Light energies from the Higher Realms via the Galactic Grid.
Like the acupuncture Meridians carrying Chi or Prana through our 3rd Dimensional body, Axiatonal Lines carry light encoded information for the 5th dimensional body. When a person experiences a Marconic Recalibration, via the Axiatonal system, to the vibratory grids of the Earth they will have access to energies and information without distortion, according to their degree of evolution.

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