MARCONICS - The Human Upgrade

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Seminar and Practitioner Training Events
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 Spiritual Alchemy Class: 
Including 'What is Lightbody?'
Pleiadians and Marconi, The Unified Field & The Body Hologram.
The Marconic Recalibration experience.
   The two-and-a-half day event will explain where we are in the Ascension process, Why we need to reconnect to the Axiatonal System of the Universe, What to expect during the Marconic Recalibration and in the weeks following.

Attendees may also take home Certification in:
 Marconic 'No-Touch' Healing.

Marconnic Recalibration Attunement:
Marconic Recalibration is performed in two, one hour sessions, over two days - by one of our qualified pracitioners.

   This Human Upgrade connects you via your Axiatonal system - vibratory lines within the new 5th Dimensional body - to resonating Star Systems to receive greater quotients of Light & Energies newly available in 2014. 
Activate, Attune, Assimilate & Anchor Higher Light Frequencies to the Planet. Accelerate your Life Path.

   Attunement Schedule is limited at Seminars, so secure your place at registration. Or, call: 508 560 5709

$ 333.00
 'Marconic Recalibration'
Spiritual Alchemy and Marconic Healing Seminars

Or, Call us! 617 366 6042