MARCONICS - The Human Upgrade

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The Story of Marconics
Marches Guglielmo Marconi studied radio transmission theory under Nikola Tesla. While Tesla has become a popular figure to revisionist scientists in the last ten years, Marconi is better known in Europe, where he learned to detect and produce Electromagnetic Radiation, or radio waves. 
     In the esoteric writing of the Latin countries, Marconi has achieved a near legendary status, much as Tesla has recently in the United States.
Some believe he faked his death in 1937, sailed his yacht, "Electra", a floating laboratory to Venezuala, to continue his research in cosmic energy without interference from large corporations.

Former British journalist, Alison David Bird, 
teaches 'Spiritual Alchemy' from her Hypnotherapy practice on Martha's Vineyard. 
   When a student of her metaphysical class began to channel Pleiadians, in her office, they allowed her to 'interview' them about aspects of the Shift.
She forged a lasting connection with them and later was given details about a new frequency of healing energy called 'Marconics' with instructions on how to develop a healing system that would help release humans from being bound by the 3rd Dimension.
"Multidimensionalism is the next wave of human evolution." Pleiadians.

She was told; "Marconics is drawn down from the newly formed Infrared System in the Cosmos. A bandwidth of Light invisible to the eye. Marconics is the Ascension Vehicle "
    Alison received Attunement to the new frequencies over a period of several months,  and her body became assimilated to the Marconic energy. After receiving her own Reconnection, she Attuned her partners; Lisa Ann and Connie Hyde. Together they honed Marconic "No-Touch"and the Integrated Chakra Unification, a system which, they were told; "Will liberate beings from their Karmic creations and set them on the path to Ascension by aiding the development of the multidimensional, holographic body, for life in the higher vibrational frequencies of the new paradigm of 2015 and beyond."

"With the help of God, who places so many mysterious forces of nature at man's disposal..." Guglielmo Marconi, 1931